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Conclusion of the third regional session of Dr. Amin Makki Madani training course

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights - Sudan Office and the country office of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Sudan concluded today the work of the third regional training course bearing the name of Dr. Amin Makki Madani on the concept and mechanisms of human rights protection, which was held remotely between 28 August - 1 September 2022.

44 participants from 23 countries participated in the training course. A selection of trainers and coaches presented several topics related to the United Nations concepts and mechanisms to protect human rights.

In the context of the participants’ evaluation of the work of the regional course, Yahya Muhareb from Palestine said, “Participating in a course named after Dr. Amin Makki Madani was a great honor for me as a lawyer and human rights defender, with 44 human rights defenders from 23 Asian and African countries out of 887. The large number of applications confirms the value and importance of the course in the field of human rights, in addition to the great value of the trainers' participation, listening to them and benefiting from them and the methodology of their training. I hope that all human rights defenders will have the golden opportunity to participate in it”.

Professor/Jurist Dominica Amit from South Sudan said: “I am very grateful to the Geneva Institute for Human Rights for the opportunity it granted to South Sudan to be part of the regional session, and I am grateful that I was part of human rights defenders from various Arab and African countries, hoping that there will be an increasing participation from South Sudanese activists in the coming periods. The workshop was a real addition to me in many aspects, and I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the training staff who dealt with us with flexibility and smoothness”.

Mr. Abu Bakr Desouki Hassan (Chad), added, “the course provided me with the opportunity to learn about many topics related to human rights, and that the valuable information I received over the five days represents a strong addition to me towards my commitment to implement human rights requirements while carrying out my humanitarian and charitable work, both in different circumstances and/or during disasters and crises in a way that respects their humanity”.

Mr. Mohamed Salah, a member of the ‘Emergency Lawyer’ in Sudan, added that “the Amin Makki Madani course is a great and a noble goal in laying the foundations for human rights concepts and mechanisms. I now clearly know the mechanisms that I must keep an eye on, because few are the exercises that enable one not only with the knowledge that one needs, but also the tools necessary to achieve the noble end that they seek. I can say that now I am able to defend human rights with the ability and knowledge of the mechanisms necessary to prevent their violation”.


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