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Kuwait Union of Women's Associations and Geneva Institute for Human Rights sign a MoU

Sheikha Fadia Al-Saad: Our goal is to support joint action and strengthen Kuwaiti women's community role.

 Nazar Abdelgadir: Kuwait Union of Women's Associations is a powerful and active human rights organization.


The Kuwaiti Union of Women's Associations (thereafter "the Union") announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Geneva Institute for Human Rights (thereafter "the Institute") in Switzerland on the promotion and protection of women's rights and the 2030 Sustainable Human Development Goals, which aims to share experiences and promote joint cooperation.


The President of the Board of Directors of the Union, Sheikha Fadia Saad al-Abdullah, stated in a statement on the margins of the signature of the memorandum that the cooperation between the two institutions had been in place for a while and that this memorandum will help to support the joint work and its continuity, to serve the rights work of the Union, which will reflect the development of human rights in Kuwait.

 The memorandum was based on the common objectives of raising the profile of Kuwaiti women leaders and associations in the area of human rights in general and women's and children's rights in particular, and supported the activation and strengthening of the role of women in society, strengthening their standing and developing their capacities to enhance communication and cooperation with United Nations human rights monitoring and protection mechanisms.

 She drew attention to the parties' willingness to coordinate, cooperate and share knowledge regarding the builfing of the capacities of the members of the Union in the field of human rights defence through the use of available mechanisms, work on the production of knowledge through the preparation of studies and research on the realities of the groups in focus, from a rights perspective, organization of activities and educational visits to reach the desired objective.


She also stated that the signature of the memorandum happened to coincide with the 16th day of the Campaign to Eliminate Violence against Women and the International Human Rights Day. The Institute's support will allow the operationalization of the Kuwaiti Women's Union's local, regional and international role and the exchange of technical cooperation and experiences in organizing human rights training courses.

 It also aims at strengthening the partnership between the two institutions in the promotion, protection and advancement of women's rights through the development of joint capacity-building programmes and projects and the dissemination of a human rights culture, in the areas of women's rights and international mechanisms on women's rights of common interest, based on Kuwait's ratification of international human rights instruments.

Nazar Abdelgadir Salih, Executive Director of the Geneva nstitute for Human Rights, commended the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Institute and the Union, noting that the Institute's history has been full in working with many governmental and non-governmental institutions in Kuwait since the establishment of the Institute in 2004. The Institute cooperated with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Judicial Institute and a number of Kuwaiti non-governmental organizations working in the field of human rights.

He stressed the vital role of NGOs in the development, promotion, protection and realization of human rights at the domestic and international levels, and the Geneva Institute of Human Rights' openness, cooperation and partnerships, particularly with powerful, active and influential organizations, like the Kuwait Federation of Women's Associations.

 The Memorandum of Understanding would achieve its objectives and bear its fruits, and would play a significant role in promoting, protecting, developing, promoting and disseminating a culture of human rights in general and women's rights in particular, and in developing mechanisms, tools and techniques on how to use and interact with the United Nations Mechanisms and other international mechanisms for the protection of human rights.

 He noted that the parties would work together to examine interim needs, identify priorities, develop knowledge tools and the training portfolio, with regard to developing their common competencies and expertise, and form a joint committee to establish a series of checks and control measures and mechanisms for the implementation of the memorandum.

11 December 2022


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