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Sudan & Human Rights Protection Mechanisms

Last week, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, carried out a training program in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of Sudan to the United Nations in Geneva. The program took place from the 19th of August to the 20th of August at the GIHR headquarters, targeting Sudanese diplomats and supporting Sudan during its membership period at the UN Human Rights Council (2020-2022).

The recently appointed permanent representative of Sudan to the United Nations, his Excellency Ambassador Ali Al-Jundi, was among the esteemed individuals that participated in the training program.

The session dealt with a range of topics including:

  • United Nations human rights bodies: the Human Rights Council

  • Sudan and the International System of protection of human rights (the core human rights Convention and the optional protocols)

  • Sudan and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • The International system of protection and promotion of human rights (Bodies Treaty of role the: rights human of Procedures)

  • The Universal Periodic Review mechanism, the third cycle (2017-2022)

  • Sudan and the ILO, international labor standards.

It should be noted that the Geneva Institute for Human Rights is a non-governmental and independent institution with activities that focus on providing training services in the field of human rights to governmental and non-governmental institutions, in addition to human rights defenders, with the aim of enhancing awareness among those bodies about the principles and concepts of human rights and enhancing their capacities to make the best use of international mechanisms concerned with human rights.

Furthermore, the Institute provides advisory services and conducts the necessary studies and research aimed at strengthening the protection of human rights.

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