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Publication of New Book in the memory of a historical figure, Farouk Abu Issa

الفاروق باقيا ما بقي الزمان


Today, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, in honour of Farouk Abu Issa’s memory, prepared and published the book "الفاروق باقيا ما بقي الزمان" (Al-Faruq remains for the remainder of time)

This book documented the life of a historical figure in the struggle for democracy, his contributions to various legal and political sites and his position in opposing totalitarian regimes, the most prominent being the "Night of Barricades" during the military regime of General Ibrahim Abboud. This book includes testimonies from heads of state, writers, thinkers, politicians from various backgrounds, Sudanese and non-Sudanese jurists, public figures and human rights organisations protecting rights of the dead, as well as statements from his family members.

The publication of this book was born out of the necessity and in recognition of what the late Farouk Abu Issa has accomplished in the field of human rights, through various local and international platforms. He was one of the most prominent jurists and figures in the Arab and Sudanese human rights movement and strongly upheld the values and principles of justice during his time as Secretary-General of the Arab Lawyers Union.


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