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Participants Feedback on the First Regional “Amin Mekki Medani” Training Course

*Translated. Original Text in Arabic.


I am very pleased with my participation in the course of the late Dr. Amin Mekki. Despite the distance between the participants, the management was excellent and the active engagement of the professors made it seem as though we were all present in the same room. The content presented was rich, interconnected and practical, empowering human rights defenders interaction with the necessary mechanisms. This is an important link that ensures active and effective action. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to interact and engage with the ideas presented by the professors and their inputs. More importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to network with other human right defenders who share the same principles and concerns in our Arab homeland. Asama Diab (Tunisia)


I was thrilled to participate in this training course, which bears the name of the late Dr. Amin Mekki, may God have mercy on him. I gained a lot from this course from the training materials, exchange of dialogue of varied experiences and the trainers output. In regards to the organization of the program, it exceeded my expectations in terms of discipline, management and participant evaluation. Furthermore, the training course provided the opportunity to build a network with other human right defenders and the Geneva Institute for Human Rights and present ideas and visions for our work in the field of human rights. Enhancing our knowledge and capacity is a priority that will enhance our work in the practical field. Huda Al-Sarari (Yemen)


It was a very valuable and useful course. The program implementation was exemplary, such a course is a dream for every human rights activist. I thank everyone who has been curator of this wonderful work Nashat Sayah (Syria)


It was a successful course by all accounts. I have attended multiple courses in Transitional Justice, however none compare in terms of organisation, richness of content and speed of the provided material. Farida and Glesy (Algeria)


In an excellent, easy and simple way, I was able to obtain the key concepts to the various international human rights protection mechanisms. Despite the short period of time, this training program was of great benefit to me and relevant to my work in the Arab Region. I would like to thank all the organizers and the training staff. I would also like to highlight The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, especially Mr. Nazar, for all his much appreciated efforts and great communication with the participants. Saeed Abdullah (Libya)


The training course was rich in content and excellently organized. It did a great job of combining the theoretical aspect of human rights protection mechanisms with the practical aspect related to implementation of said mechanisms on the ground, including the vital role of civil society. In addition,the presence of participants from various countries in the Middle East and North Africa provided an opportunity to exchange experiences and highlight the human rights reality in different countries in the MENA region. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend such a high level training program. Mouna Msaddak (Tunisia)


A useful and wonderful course in every sense of the word. Although I have previously participated in many legal courses, this course applied a case-based methodology and was greatly enriching. The program integrated the practical aspect of human rights work, in addition to International Human Rights Protection Mechanisms, and the best methods and practices. I would like to take this moment to thank the staff of the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, and I hope to have other opportunities with the Institute. Karrar Rifaat (Iraq)


I would like to send my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Mr. Nazar for his great efforts. I feel very lucky to have been part of this training course, that carries the name of an astounding figure in human rights, Dr. Amin Mekki Medani. Asmahan Adam (Sudan)


A wonderful and valuable training course in terms of organization and content, as it combines the theoretical side of human rights protection mechanisms with the practical aspect of implementing said mechanisms in the field. My sincerest thanks and appreciation goes to the wonderful work team, the lecturers, and the fellow trainees. The great effort, the rich knowledge provided and distinguished techniques have added a new light in the path of activist for human rights. Hussein Mohamed Shaheen (Egypt)


Many thanks go to the organizational team, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and all the trainers and trainees, especially Professor Nazar Abdelgade. The training program, named after the dearly departed and great pioneer in the field of human rights, Dr. Amin Mekki Medani, is a giant of intellectual training program in the field of human rightsThe training course enhanced my skills in Human rights terminology, and strengthened my understanding of treaty Monitoring Bodies and the Special Procedures protection mechanisms, dealing with national reports, and illuminated the important role of Civil society in strengthening protection mechanisms within the country. Shaymaa Mahmoud (Iraq)


Many thanks and the sincerest appreciation to the Geneva Institute for Human Rights. The course named after the late Dr. Amin Mekki Medani excellently integrated comprehensive content, professional training and a distinguished operation team. Although the course was provided remotely, it must be noted that there was such a wonderful interaction between the participants and the trainers, a beautiful coordination. The existence of such courses is very necessary in order to support, defend and protect human rights, and the national frameworks affecting the daily workings of human rights defenders. Sajad Al-haddad (Saudi Arabia)


I present my sincerest gratitude to the Geneva Institute for Human Rights for this great initiative that I have been in search of for quite some time. Attending online courses may facilitate great achievement on the ground in the field of human rights, especially under such precarious circumstances. Thank you to all the professors who we truly appreciated and benefited from their wonderful lecture, style of teaching and fruitful discussions.It was an interesting and varied journey. We hope the institute will continue to offer such courses. Ruwaida Bouhlefaya (Libya)


Virtually, for a few hours a day, I was brought together with a group of human right defenders and jurists, from various countries in the MENA region. The “Amin Mekki Medani” course is one of the most wonderful training courses that I have attended and I have taken full advantage of the opportunity. Many thanks are due to those in charge, for their efforts that lead to a successful program. Suleiman Al-Muqashi (Sultanate of Oman)


I feel honored to have been able to participate in this training course, which bears the name of a true defender of human rights, Dr. Amin Mekki Medani. The training which was led by a group of prominent trainers and fellow human rights defenders was very valuable and rich, in terms of organisation and information provided, in addition to the enriching material and the trainers active interaction with us. The training program was coherent, flexible and encouraged an inclusive and enriching dialogue among the participants. Therefore, I would like to thank all trainees and trainers, and in particular Mr.Nazar Abdelgadir, humble and passionate about defending human rights. Rima Farag (Syria)


A successful training course in all standards and at all levels, which was characterized by great interaction by the participants and trainers. We thank the training staff for the smooth and simplified presentation of key concepts related to human rights protection mechanisms. The session focused on familiarizing participants with the most important United Nations human rights protection mechanisms (treaty bodies and UN Charter-based mechanisms), in addition to their composition, methods of operation and how to interact with them. Participants were also illuminated in two regional systems for the protection of human rights pertaining to the Arab and African region: the African Union and the Arab League, in addition to the challenges that still face the latter, impede its effectiveness and finally how civil society organizations can work with these mechanisms. Many thanks to the organizers of this session for their tireless work in promoting the culture of human rights. Mohamed Amzian (Morocco)


The training course presented an amazing opportunity for all of these in the path of human rights to enrich their theoretical and practical understanding. Over the course of the days, I was amazed by the performance of the skilled trainers present and admires the trainees who demonstrated a great eagerness in expanding their experiences Tahani Abbas Ali


The training course constituted a great benefit academically and professionally to my work on refugees and the human rights issues presented. This course is really unique in many ways:

  1. The selection of participants with a degree of knowledge and enthusiasm for learning and engagement.

  2. Wonderful and fast administrative coordination, great communication, commitment to time, and provision of participants with scientific materials.

  3. The trainers are highly educated, qualified and passionate in the field of human rights.

  4. The proposed subject, its diversity, and the balance between the theoretical and practical side.

I would like to thank all those involved in this wonderful training program. Aisha Al-Qassar (Kuwait)


I thank the Geneva Institute for Human Rights and the trainers involved for this valuable course. The training course was wonderful in the way the information was presented, that will surely benefit us throughout our practical work and allow us to tackle the humanitarian issues. I hope that our voice will be heard as defenders of human rights in all regions and I am looking forward to applying what has been learned on the ground. Mariam Al-Qawasmi (Palestine)


This session presented the unique opportunity to enhance my understanding on important issues related to human rights, in addition to the national, regional and international human rights protection mechanisms. During the training I obtained a lot of documents, relevant to my work in the field and gained valuable knowledge from the input of the trainers and the other participants. Hence, I believe that I am now more capable of effectively carrying out my role as a human rights defender. It was a pleasure and I would like to thank all responsible for the training course. I wish you all success and hope for a world where a culture of human rights prevails. Al Najiya Mahfouz Ahmid (Mauritania)


I was honored to be one of the trainees in the regional course of the late Dr. Amin Mekki. This course enriched our knowledge on international human rights law, human rights protection mechanisms and the United Nations system. Through the training, I have been illuminated to the easy access to information and facilitation of communication with human rights protection mechanisms at a regional and international level. Moreover, the important role of civil society and the necessity of collective efforts in promoting and protecting human rights in our homelands was highlighted. My sincerest appreciation goes out to the Geneva Institute for Human Rights under the direction of the distinguished Professor Nazar Abdelgadir, who organized this wonderful training program. Thank you to all the trainers for their shared expertise and knowledge, in addition to the shared experiences of the other trainees, that we will definitely benefit from in our future endeavors. Lisa Al-Badawi (Yemen)


I would like to thank the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, particularly Mr. Nazar Abdelgadir. I was very pleased to participate in this training course and I benefited greatly from it in terms of material presented and dialogue exchanged. I send my thanks to all the trainers, pray for mercy on the spirit of Dr. Amin Makki Madani, and I look forward to participating in other courses. Samira Abdullah Youssef (Sudan)


I would like to present my sincerest thanks and appreciation of the great effort, the positive and constructive contribution of all the professors. With their extensive experience in the field of human rights, they provided us with the skills to engage with human rights protection mechanisms and how to protect and monitor international human rights using regional and national mechanisms. The keenness to provide the best expertise, the diversity of content and the unique presentation impressed me. Furthermore, the course dealt with concepts of human rights mechanisms and engagement with them that I did not stumble upon during my studies at Law school. Mona Awad Qassemallah (Bahrain)


Amin Makki Madani's course transformed me from a mere dreamer and activist in the defense of human rights into a person confident that believes that I can bring about change in our Arab societies. I was illuminated to all the types of mechanisms, treaties and tools established by the United Nations that focuses on reducing human rights violations globally. I am very grateful to the organisers, the Geneva Institute for human rights, particularly the wonderful Mr. Nazar Abdelgadir and all the wonderful trainers who were graciously gifted us with valuable knowledge and experiences, with passion and love. Najalaa Kamal Muhammad Ali (Sudan)


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