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International Human Solidarity Day (2020)

The 20th of December marks International Human Solidarity Day, as declared by the UN General Assembly in accordance with Resolution 60/209 (2005) that identified solidarity as a

fundamental and universal value that should govern international relations in the twenty-first century.

It is a day to celebrate unity in society that is absolutely mandatory in reducing inequality, social injustice and ensuring sustainable development. Furthermore, the day

focuses on strengthening the concept of solidarity in an interdependent world and disseminating a culture of cooperation in the face of challenges that impede the functioning of weaker societies.

In that regard, the Institute congratulates the government and people of Sudan for the removal of the country's prior designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, which once again provides Sudan with access to the international community and economic development. Sudan's engagement with the global economy is seen by many as the beginning of a reversal of years of stagnated development.

To successfully achieve Millennium Development goals such as poverty eradication, collective action is necessary. Within that context, a unified and collective effort has never been more necessary as the globe remains in the midst of battling a global health crisis. Thousands have succumbed to poverty, job losses, evictions and disease, in which the immediate response must be solidarity.

It is a moral, social and ethical obligation to share and distribute resources whether it be food or medicine for those who are unable to effectively combat or cope with the pandemic. In the age of globalization and interdependence, cooperation amongst different nations and global partnership are key factors in battling crisis and poverty. As Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, states: “Solidarity is humanity, Solidarity is survival”.

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, in its mission to ensure the realization of human rights values in all aspects of life, calls on all states to collaborate in achieving global peace, security and stability, as well as respect their commitments to international agreements. Solidarity is an undeniable requisite in ensuring lasting stability and safety in society.


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