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International Human Rights Day Statement

2022 Theme: Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All

10 December 2022

Today, the world commemorates International Human Rights Day, which marks the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948, as the first international document to address human rights from a global perspective. Available in more than 500 languages, it is the most translated document in the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights represented a significant paradigm shift in the consensus of the majority of Member States of the United Nations system at the time, since the rights and freedoms contained therein represented the minimum international standards in the protection of human rights. In its preamble, it emphasized the "rrecognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice

and peace in the world."

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has continued to inspire all conventions, protocols, declarations, guidelines and codes of conduct relevant to human rights.

At the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, we congratulate the entire world on this day, which reminds us of the universality, inalienability and interdependence and the indivisibility of human rights. It reminds us of the paradigm shift that has taken place in the international community's approach to human rights as a global matter of concern to all nations of the world, at a time when many international powers have been working to consolidate the idea of national human rights and privacy.

The Commemoration of International Human Rights Day, is an occasion that makes us stop at the evolution of international protection standards and mechanisms relevant to the protection of human rights. At the level of the United Nations, it has evolved to keep abreast of many developments in the international human rights arena. Whether at the level of Treaty mechanisms, or at the level of non-conventional mechanisms, we cannot fail to express our aspiration for further development and further interaction of all Nations of the human rights protection mechanisms' recommendations and observations which are to be respected and appreciated by all actors around the world.

We at the Geneva Institute for Human Rights today pay special tribute to the thousands of women and human rights activists, for the enormous sacrifices they have made towards the realization of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all the core international conventions in the field of human rights, despite the reprisals and agression they've been through for this noble cause, including the infringement of their right to life, in some cases.

We deeply regret the narrowing campaigns against activists in some countries where they were silenced with heavy restriction on human rights and on public freedoms .

The High Commissioner for Human Rights stated on this occasion that "we need to regain the universality of human rights, the indivisibility of human rights, and we need to find a new energy that motivates young people around the world."

Geneva Institute for Human Rights looks forward to the development of protection systems at the national level, in all States, and looks forward to the development processes towards being in line with international standards relevant to human rights. We congratulate the world again on this occasion, and renew our commitment to human rights issues everywhere and hope that today's world will strive to respect and uphold human rights and freedoms.

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المنظمة النسائية للعدالة الانتقالية
المنظمة النسائية للعدالة الانتقالية
Dec 10, 2022

نحن الناجيات من الاعتقال والتعذيب بسجون النظام السوري جأنا هربا الى تركيا خوفا من الاعتقال ثانية نريد أن نعيش بسلام بعالم خالي من الحروب

ونطالب بأخواتنا المعتقلات في أقبية النظام والمعتقلين نريد إيصال صوتهم وفك أسرهم ومعرفة مصيرالمفقودين ونطالب بجثاميين شهداء التعذيب في السجون نريد دفنهم

#المعتقلين ليسواارقام هم بشر

# علي صوتك . الكراسي الفارغة

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