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New Publication : Words in Memory

Today, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights announces the publication of its latest book titled كلمات في الذاكرة , roughly translating to "Words in Memory", in Arabic.

The book reviews and highlights the statements released by the Institute on the occasion of various UN international days, in line with the Institutes mission to encourage a thriving culture of human rights, to ensure the materialization of the dream for complete respect for universal human rights and their promotion, as well as to promote democratic participation.

The book highlights various important themes in human rights, allowing readers to better grasp human rights concepts and understand obstacles faced in achieving true equality while simultaneously creating awareness in society.

In its essence, the book highlights that human rights are rights to which everyone is entitled to, regardless of their race, ethnicity or social standing. Based on the principle of respect for the individual, human rights are inalienable rights entitled to all simply because they are alive.

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