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International Day of Rural Women

Yesterday, the 15th of October marked International Day of Rural Women.  Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on the 18th  December 2007, in accordance with its

Resolution 62/ 136 ,  this day highlights the role and contribution of rural women in promoting agricultural and rural development. 

Despite the vital contribution of rural women to ensuring the sustainability of families and rural communities, improving rural livelihoods and general well-being, rural women remain disadvantaged and marginalized, with a large population of them remaining overworked, underpaid and are completely sidelined. 

Furthermore, rural areas suffer from multidimensional poverty encompasses poor quality of work and inadequate living standards. Moreover, societal norms have impeded women's participation in decision making, discriminatory structural barriers continue to exclude rural women and these women risk being subjected to violence and harmful traditional practices. Hence, it is necessary to acknowledge and address the pressing issues faced by rural women in their communities. 

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