As of the 9th of September 2021, the work of the annual regional training course on International Human Rights Protection Mechanisms, organized by the Geneva Institute for Human Rights (GIHR), in collaboration with the German Foundation “Friedrich Ebert Stiftung” (FES Office for Jordan and Iraq), was concluded.

The session was led by a group of GIHR’s training staff, hosting 17 trainees representing various counties in the MENA+ region, namely : Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Over the course of five days, the regional training course presented a diverse array of topics, such as : Introduction to the international system of human rights, Concepts and terminology of human rights, United Nations Mechanisms based on the Charter: (the Human Rights Council, contractual and non-contractual mechanisms, the universal periodic review mechanism),Core international treaties on human rights, National mechanisms for the protection of human rights, The role of civil society, Human rights and sustainable development goals, Information on mechanisms to protect human rights on the Internet, Dialogues with a number of Jordanian civil society organizations, the National Center for Human Rights in Jordan and the House of Representatives.

The participants expressed great enthusiasm in regards to the work of the regional session, stating that the session has immensely enhanced their knowledge on topics surrounding international human rights law and international human rights protection mechanisms. Participants further added that the regional training course allowed for a comprehensive understanding on the aforementioned topics from both a theoretical and practical aspect.

Based on the combined experience of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation and the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, the methodology for evaluating this course utilizes an interactive approach. This is achieved through the engagement of the trainees in a research based competition aimed at preparing studies and policy papers that effectively contribute to supporting the strong movement of international human rights supervisory and protection mechanisms.

On the occasion of the conclusion of this session, the Executive Director of the Geneva Institute for Human Rights - Nazar Abdelgadir, indicated that the Institute is adopting a new approach in engaging and interacting with United Nations mechanisms concerned with human rights by fostering a new generation capable of engaging the UN system, particularly encouraging engagement during periods of conflict.

The Institute, in cooperation with international and local partners, seeks to take into account prominent factors such as climate change and its impact on human rights in the MENA+ region and prepare for the establishment of international protection rules as one of the proactive steps in providing support and relief for humanitarian issues.

Since its establishment in 2004, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights has focused its activities on providing training services in the field of human rights to governmental and non-governmental institutions, and human rights defenders, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, with the aim of enhancing awareness among those institutions on the fundamental human rights principles and concepts and enabling them to make optimal use of international human rights mechanisms and processes. The Institute aspires that through it’s diligent work, these national key bodies prioritizes every individual's human rights in future policies, legal frameworks and national plans and agendas.