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Conclusion of the annual training course on the UPR mechanism

The annual training course organized by the #GenevaInstituteforHumanRights on the Universal Periodic Review was held in the margins of the 41st session of the UPR Working Group and discussed the fourth periodic report of Bahrain, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

The course was attended by trainees from: Kuwait, Sudan, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Egypt, and was supervised by a selection of trainers.

Mohammed Hamad, First Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan, noted that the training course was distinguished and of high quality in which Professor Nazar Abdelgadir Salih, Executive Director of the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, made a much "appreciated" effort with the help of Ms. Jihene Fredj and the rest of the staff of the institute. He also added that the topic of the training course is also "vital", especially as human rights are and have always been a common and universal language to all the people around the world.

Lawyer Yousof Al-Gharabally, a member of the Kuwaiti Lawyers' Association, thanked GIHR for organizing the course, which he described as valuable, adding that he had learned a lot in a few days and hoped that the course would be longer in the future so that they would have more important information on human rights and on how to work inside the United Nations building.

At the end of the closing day, Mr. Mohamed Cherif, President of the #GenevaHumanRightsInstitute, distributed the participation certificates to the participants.


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