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The Geneva Institute for Human Rights (GIHR) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Geneva, with the intention to contribute to the prevention of human rights violations and to the protection of human rights in close cooperation with international and national partners.  Since its establishment in 2004, the Institute for Human Rights has demonstrated a commitment towards the promotion and the dissemination of international human rights, acquainting concerned institutions with these principals.


Annually GIHR has provided advice, human rights training and strategic support to governmental and non-governmental actors, aiding them in defining and implementing their strategies in using international human rights procedures. In addition, GIHR delivered institutional capacity building and advocacy services to different governmental and non-governmental organizations that protect the rights of individuals, with a special focus on women and children in the African and Arab Region.


Throughout its endeavors, GIHR has gained experience as a technical agency that can strengthen the capacity of organizations and institutes in the African and Arab Regions on the different UN Human Rights instruments, in addition to being an institute that advocates and calls for reform on how the region views human rights, in particular women and child rights. 

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