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"Promoting the Active Participation of Women" - Week 3
تعزيز المشاركة الفعالة للنساء
24/06/2020                                                               Leena Osman

The 22nd of June 2020 marks the beginning of the third week of the joint project and training program “Promoting the Active Participation of Women - Human Rights Approach”, in collaboration with AMAN. 

The first week of said training program focused on the general concepts and commitments of Qatar on a national level. The second week focused on Women's rights and the Human Rights Protection Mechanisms.


As for this week, the main theme is : The Art of Report Writing.


Women’s rights are human rights. That implies that the respect of women's rights is not an issue solely concerning women, but rather a societal obligation and important issue that concerns the international community. Ensuring the respect of women and their rights directly contributes to achieving legal, political and economic justice. 

In light of the above mentioned,  under this general theme, a variety of subjects were invoked and discussed over the course of three days.

Day I - June 22nd: 

  • The Monitoring and Documentation of human right violations: its importance, objective, the process, collecting and analyzing date.

  • Case studies on violence 


Day II - June 23rd

  • Types of reports :  National/State reports  and NGO Reports 

  • Reporting Methodology : Common Core Document

  • Rethinking Violence against women: effective response , the alliances and opponents 

  • Gaps in international and local legal systems and public policy frameworks in responding and preventing gender based violence.


Day III - June 24th: 

  • Guidelines to reporting & sources 

  • Gender Based Violence case studies:  discussion and solving of case studies 

  • Open Discussion & Evaluation

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