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"Promoting the Active Participation of Women" - Week 2
تعزيز المشاركة الفعالة للنساء
17/06/2020                                                               Leena Osman

The training program & project “Promoting the Active Participation of Women”  in collaboration with AMAN, targets the employers of AMAN, who are subjected to three consecutive training courses over the course of three weeks. 


The first week of said training program focused on the general concepts and commitments of Qatar on a national level. As for this week, the main theme is : Women’s Rights and the Human Rights Protection Mechanisms.


Women’s rights are human rights. Hence, women are entitled to the same rights and fundamental freedoms as men, as protected under national legislation and international laws. States are encouraged by International Conventions to take proactive measures to ensure the respect of women's rights, ensure the absence of discrimination in all aspects of life and eliminate harmful practices and cultural attitudes that negatively impact women and their rights. 

In light of the above mentioned,  under this general theme, a variety of subjects were invoked and discussed over the course of three days.

Day I - June 15th: 

  • The concept of gender : the difference between sex and gender , the conceptions of masculinity/femininity, the breakdown down of social structures. 

  • Gender Based Violence (GBV) : Case studies on GBV, prevention techniques/tactics 

  • The mechanisms in place to combat violence against women 


Day II - June 16th: 

  • Participation of women in political life : Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995 

  • Security Council Resolution 1325, Women, Peace & Security : Its relevance and impact on Qatar

  • Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 : gender equality


Day III - June 17th: 

  • Mechanisms for protecting women’s rights  (3 Main Branches)

    • National Mechanisms

    • Regional Mechanisms

    • International Mechanisms

  • Non-contractual special procedures system

  • Violence against women

  • Universal Period Review (UPR) : The mechanism & how to submit regular reports 

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