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In Accordance with HRC resolution 5/1 and resolution 16/21, the Universal Periodic Review Working Group holds three two-week sessions every year. Each session 14 countries are reviewed, totaling to 42 countries per year and resulting in the review of 193 countries (entire UN membership) by the end of each UPR cycle.

This constitutes the third report of Mauritania under the UPR on the human rights situation.


H.E. Mr. Mohamed El Hassen Boukhreiss, Commissioner for HR, Humanitarian Action and Relations with Civil Society stressed the commitment of Mauritania to the protection and improvement of human rights based on the values of tolerance and openness, embodied in the political will of the president. That political will has been translated by the government in the national action plan that aims to lay the foundations of political governance that will enforce national unity, democracy, ensure solidarity, fairness and equality, as well as encourage dialogue and political pluralism.

Mauritania was commended for :

  • The adoption of a plan to respond to the covid-19 pandemic, limiting its spread and its impact on the economy and public finances.

  • The adoption of different measures adopted to combat child marriage and female genital mutilation.

  • Organizing a presidential election which allowed for a democratic and peaceful transfer of power.

  • The ratification of Conventions 143 and 144 of ILO on Migrant Workers and on Tripartite Consultations.

Some recommendations made to Mauritania include :

  • Ensure equality in the granting nationality and registering children.

  • Continue to implement national strategy for gender mainstreaming to ensure gender equality and the protection women's rights.

  • To conduct an in-depth and impartial investigation in regards to violations experienced by human rights defenders

  • To mobilize adequate resources to ensure the effective implementation of the National Action Plan to combat trafficking in persons.


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