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International Women's Day

On this day every year the world stands to greet women... half of which still seeks their rights to equality, non-discrimination, non-violence and human dignity. Despite all the achievements of the women's march, statistics and data continue to show that women are the most vulnerable to violence, discrimination and inequality, They are the most vulnerable to poverty and illiteracy, with a low participation in public life. Women are the most affected by war and armed conflict, and their political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights are being continuously violated. This suggests that there is still a long way to go for women to fulfil their human rights, but it is not impossible.

The theme of this year's International Women's Day was "Digitally inclusive: Innovation and technology for achieving gender equality ", where the digital age provides new and unprecedented opportunities to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, such as participating in training courses, making banking transactions, or booking medical appointments etc...

At the same time, United Nations statistics indicate that 37% of the world's women do not use the Internet, including 3 billion women and girls in developing countries, and the number of Internet users is 259 million less than men. The observance of this day reveals the impact of the digital gender divide on widening economic and social inequalities and highlights the importance of protecting women's and girls' rights to digital spaces and addressing gender-based violence online.

We at the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, affirm that working towards women's enjoyment of all their rights requires international solidarity requires smart partnerships that integrate the role of drama and information, education, cultural strategies, national and international legislation, social and economic policies. It also requires concerted efforts, especially by legislators, politicians, religious leaders, culture, sports and the arts, to promote women's rights and to change stereotypes about them and achieve full equality.

We at the Geneva Institute reaffirm our serious commitment to women's issues and the promotion of their human rights. We salute all the women of the world who work and strive for their families and society despite all circumstances and difficulties.

We hope that next year we will witness a world where women's realities are better and their rights more protected and guaranteed.


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