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International Day of Happiness - March 2021



The 20th of March aims to highlight the vital importance of

well-being and happiness in the lives of people across the world,

in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution

A\ RES\ 66/281 of July 12, 2012. 


International Day of Happiness, officially observed by the United

Nations in 2013, provides the essential reminder that happiness

and the right to a fulfilling life is universal aspiration and a

paradigm to human development. 


The definition of happiness varies according to different

doctrines. According to Greek Philosopher Socrates, happiness

is a result of living a life fulfilling to your soul, as opposed to

physical or external conditions such as wealth or power.

However, according to Epicurus, happiness is achieved through

  • a state of tranquility,

  • freedom from fear,

  • as well as absence of bodily pain. 


Regardless of the plethora of theories, the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human right and its incorporation into public policy is crucial to human sustainability and peace. 

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, in celebration of this day, urges states, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to prioritize the happiness of individuals, as it foregrounds sustainable development and increases social cohesion, particularly in relation to economic growth. 


It is imperative to intensify efforts to ensure that happiness and well-being are portrayed as universal aspirations reflected in public policy objectives, particularly as we turn the page to a post-pandemic world. Moreover, it is vital to work towards the eradication of poverty, armed conflict and other factors resulting in misery and destitution, which is apparent in countries of the Middle East and North Africa that continue to experience the fatal consequences of violent conflict, social and economic inequalities, and political instability.  

The Institute, in accordance with its mission founded principally on the human right to life, liberty and security, will continue to work diligently to ensure an inclusive and equitable approach to achieving sustainable development, poverty reduction and the ultimate realization of happiness and the well-being of all. 

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