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Let it be a year of freedom and human dignity

Geneva Institute for Human Rights is pleased to extend its heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the new year, hoping that it will be a time of good, affluence, blessing, and prosperity and during which all humanity will be safely protected by the umbrella of human rights; and that hatred, hostility, and strife will subside, only to be replaced by love, peace, and fraternity so that all individuals on this planet will enjoy all of their human rights without any discrimination or diminution.

The administration of GIHR website promises to work incessantly so that the website will stand up to the aspirations of our venerable browsers in all matters relating to human rights, especially in the Middle East and Africa region. The website will be provided with all human rights literature, in all domains, with a particular focus on the domain of the United Nations and its various relevant mechanisms, in the same way as the site will be updated to include all developments in the global human rights field.

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights reiterates its congratulations on the occasion of the New Year, hoping that the year to come will be better than the one which has just elapsed, where the latter was plagued by all forms of bloodsheds and violations of human rights. We are confident that the future will stand for a better world, because humanity has always opted to stick, despite all challenges ad setbacks, to the path of truth, benevolence, and beauty. However long that journey might be, it is evident that humanity will eventually turn human, and that the values of truth, benevolence, and beauty will eventually prevail for everyone, without exclusion or discrimination, everywhere and at all times.

Happy new year to everybody

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