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Mourning the Martyrs of Protests in the Arab Region

GIHR salutes all male and female martyrs who lost their souls during the recent events that swept the whole Arab region, and announces the 1st of April 2011 as a mourning day.

GIHR confirm its utmost denial of all forms of violence and discrimination, and emphasizes the need to respect of free expression, assembly, and peaceful demonstration. It reaffirms the importance of the right to assembly and peaceful demonstration, and the mandatory commitment of UN member states to enact, enhance, and protect this right since it has been officially adopted by the UN Council for Human Rights which passed the resolution no. (15/21) on the “right to peaceful assembly and association” without voting, followed by the council’s appointment, in its sixteenth session, a special rapporteur for the right to peaceful assembly and association.

GIHR present its heartfelt condolences to every member of the martyrs’ families, hoping that the endeavors of all local and international stakeholders will create a better future, which is less violent and less discriminatory, and ruled by human rights principles.

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