During the month of March, GIHR issued various statements on different international days, in an effort to increase awareness on pressing issues.

1st of March : GIHR issued a statement on the Zero Discrimination Day

On this day, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights , urges legislative bodies around the world, to repeal discriminatory laws and enact laws protecting people from discrimination, in accoedance with the Universal Declaration of Rights, human rights treaties, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other international obligations.

“Everyone has the right to live with respect and dignity.” The Geneva Institute for Human Rights also invites executive bodies, national human rights institutions and civil society organizations, to take an active part in promoting the right of all to live a life without discrimination, regardless of their health condition, their ethnicity, social and/or economic status.

With united efforts and effective strategies, we can ensure a fairer world, free of discmrination, prejudice and intolerance.

8th of March : GIHR Statement on the International Women Day

GIHR used this day as an opportunity to call upon all countries, especially in the MENA region, to honor their international obligations by ensuring women rights. GIHR also called upon all countries to abandon all discriminatory provisions in national legislatures, based on the principle of supremacy of international conventions over national legislatures. GIHR also stressed the need to enact laws that incriminate domestic violence as well as the trafficking of women and girls. Finally, GIHR declares its determination to continue its work in striving towards a greater momentum for gender equality worldwide, by the launching of the training program to empower female activists in the MENA region.

20th of March : GIHR Statement on the International Day of Happiness

It is commendable of the United Nations system to launch seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of ending poverty, reduce inequalities and protect the planet, consequently achieving well-being and happiness around the globe. In light of the current global health crisis, it is necessary, now more than ever, to unite in the fight against COVID-19. GIHR stresses on the importance of global unity and collective action, in response to this global pandemic. GIHR also encourages all to stay positive and stay social online, to reduce stress and maintain a positive state of mind.

21st of March : GIHR Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

On this occasion, the Geneva Institute for Human Rights invites all governments, individuals, non-governmental and civil society organisations, to unite efforts to reject all manifestations of prejudice and racial discrmination. The Geneva Institute for Human Rights takes this opportunity to stress the importance in taking into account the rights of migrants, refugees and minorities when enforcing anti-discriminatory laws that protect individuals from racial discrmination, and the need in putting in place adequate criminal and civil measures to condemn those who commit racists acts.

22nd of March : GIHR Statement on the World Water Day

Geneva Institute for Human Rights, based on its goals to ensure human rights in all aspects of life, appeals to all to use water more efficiently and responsibly, as the demand for water grows. This can be done by adopting agricultural techniques, setting up water harvesting protected and increasing the safe reuse of wastewater.

In light of the current global health epidemic, ensuring equal access to water has become more essential than ever, as it it essentiel in containing the spread of COVID-19. Thus, GIHR urges governments to balance all of society's water needs and ensure equal access. GIHR reminds all to wash your hands regularly with water and soap, or use alcohol based sanitizers.

25th of March : GIHR issued a statement on the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights would like to take this opportunity to remember the victims of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade, a horrifyingly dark period in human history. It must be adressed that despite the end of this horrifying slave trade, this atrocious phenomenon still exists, under slightly different circumstances. GIHR would like to take this opportunity to highlight the consequences of racism and prejudice and calls on the international community to unite efforts to fight against such discimination and injustices, and put into place effective criminal, civil and administrative measures to prevent modern manifestations of racism, stigma and other related intolerance.

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