Coronavirus (Covid-19) : Articles & Analysis

Writer: Leena Osman

08/05/2020 : Human rights in light of the Pandemic: The importance of human rights in relation to combatting Covid-19.

The Coronavirus is a global pandemic unlike any other before. Since its outbreak in December of 2019, it has infected millions individuals around the globe. Faced with a global health crisis of this severity, countries all around the world are rapidly planning and effectuating response measures. To continue reading, click here!

26/05/2020 : Covid-19 in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) : A threat to fragile & conflict-affected states

As of date, COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and two international conveyances.With the rapid spreading of COVID-19, countries around the world have scrambled to find a way to prevent the further spreading of the virus, bending the epidemic curve and ensuring the safety of their citizens. However, it is important to note that the threat takes on a different form in each country. In consideration of the foregoing, there are certain states that face higher risks, particularly, countries in conflict situations. To continue reading, click here!

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