April 2nd : World Autism Day

On this important day, GIHR appealed to the international community to exert all efforts to ensure the absence of all barriers to the full social, economic and political participation of persons with Autism in society, and promote equality, equity and inclusion. In view of the current public health crisis, GIHR stresses that we must ensure an inclusive and accessible COVID-19 global response. Let us all stand strongly together, in solidarity with persons with Autism.

April 4th : International Day for Mine Awareness and Mine Action

The fourth of April reminds us of our international obligation to ensure the promotion of peace and security worldwide through partnerships focused on reducing the availability of humanitarian hazards from landmines and hazardous remnants of war in post-conflict countries. Thus, GIHR insists on the need to reflect on the progress and raise awareness, at both an international and national level, on the remaining challenges in clearing landmines thereby ensuring the achievement of a world free of the threat of landmines and explosive hazards.

April 6th : International Day Of Sport for Development and Peace

In light of the current global health crisis, GIHR highlighted the importance of sports, as physical activity positively impacts mental health and lowers stress. In addition, sports remains to be an important tool in ensuring societal progress. GIHR urged all to stay healthy, active and demonstrate solidarity during this difficult period of social distancing.

April 7th : GIHR issued two statements on this day.

- International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, within the framework of its interest in ensuring compliance with the rules of international humanitarian law, urges governments and states to tighten the rule of law and promote values of justice, as well as enact national laws that ensure the prosecution of perpetrators of such crimes. We, at GIHR, stress on the importance to stand together against xenophobia, discriminaiton, related intolerance and say no to hate speech. Only if we stand together in solidarity and renew a collective pledge of “never again”, can we prevent such horrible manifestations of human cruelty to present itself once again.

- World Health Day.

On this day, GIHR reaffirmed its stance on safety and health being a fundamental requirement of human development and affirmed its support of the World Health Organisation. GIHR urges all states to follow the instructions and necessary actions recommended by the World Health Organisation, and calls upon all countries to continue raising awareness through various forms of communication on the Pandemic. In addition, GIHR acknowledged the hard work of WHO, doctors, nurses, and other individuals on the forefront of the COVID-19 response, who endure long hours, aware of the risk of infection and mental stress due to the burden of the traumatic work.

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