Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare 2020

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, based on its

statute that aims to achieve a stable life for all human beings

without distinction of any kind, such as race or sex, stands with

the rest of the world in commemorating this day. The 29th of

April of every year, is a day to remember and reflect upon the

tragic history of chemical warfare and honor all its victims. 


The history of this day dates back to the First World War,

where millions of lives were lost through the use of chemical

weapons, where its effects still remain. The celebration of this

day aims to raise awareness on the atrocious effects of chemical

weapons and other forms of destruction that stagnate sustainable

human development.


By remembering the horrific consequences of using destructive chemical weapons, the international community must stand together in ensuring that history doesn't repeat itself by normalizing the exclusion of the use of chemical weapons in war. GIHR appeals to the countries, particularly, the Middle East and North Africa, especially during this time where there are appearances of violent conflict, to not resort to the usage of chemical weapons. 


GIHR also urges all governments to actively contribute in ridding the world of chemical weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction, by intensifying efforts in ensuring the ratification and full implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention by all countries around the world and enacting stricter laws holding those accountable, thus ensuring the elimination of the threat of chemical weapons and the promotion of the goals of peace and security. 


The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, stands firmly by the belief that every individual must benefit from political and economic stability, and every human has the right to live in a safe and healthy environment. 

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