GIHR Statement on the World Humanitarian Day

Fifth Training Course organized by the GIHR in cooperation with the CNDH. The fourth in Algeria.
GIHR Statement on the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, 21 August


Under the theme “#notATarget, the world celebrates today, 19 August 2018, the World Humanitarian Day, to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian services, and to appeal to individuals and organizations to the humanitarian work, and to bring attention to the significance of international cooperation.

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, used to commemorate the international days, is celebrating today this day, in recognition and honoring those who sacrificed their money, time and lives, in serving humanitarian work, and also to pay tribute to the dears who lost their lives in the UN headquarters explosion in Baghdad, Iraq, on 19 August 2003.

This anniversary, although fifteen years passed, since the explosion,  is still alive in memory, thus prompted the United Nations General Assembly to approve the day 19th August, as the International Humanitarian Day, to raise public awareness and praise the million aid workers who risk their lives to provide food, clothing, shelter and other humanitarian assistance to the needy, in the most devastating crises, natural disasters, and other emergencies, regardless of their location, and without any discrimination on the basis of the sex, social category, religion, race, or any other factor.

GIHR stress on this day on the significance of humanitarian work, in a time of crucial need to such work, considering the poverty and destitute facing the humanity, due to the natural disasters and armed conflicts, that resulted in famine, outbreaks, displacement, and refuge. What distinguishes human being, than other beings is feeling about others’ sufferings, due to material need and need for physical and psychological health care, therefore, rush to help and support the needy out of such situations caused by these disasters.

GIHR, calls to recognize the sacrifices of those who sacrificed their time, efforts, and money for the humanitarian work. Noting the challenges and obstacles which are basically of political nature. Where they face border closure, accusations of being agent of foreigners, being unbiased, and terrorists, therefore they reach where needed, only with great difficulties, physical and psychological sufferings, that they endure in their way to mitigate other sufferings and achieve the human discourse in its utmost and best manifestation, and to materialize the theme “Not a Target”.

Considering that all governments of the world have ministries or commissions concerned with humanitarian affairs, the GIHR, urge them to facilitate the humanitarian work in their territories, or across their borders, and they shall further provide material and moral support to alleviate sufferings in their domain. Also, shall urge the conflicting parties to respect the prerequisites of the humanitarian work, the international humanitarian law, and the international human rights law, as well as protection of the civilians.

Finally, the GIHR while commemorating this day, is praising the humanitarian workers, for their relentless efforts inside and outside  the middle east and north Africa, pays tribute to those lost their lives in the course of their humanitarian duty, and calls for disseminating the humanitarian work wherever needed, and to bring together all political and public efforts to facilitate this mission, to achieve its noble purposes.

Moreover, the GIHR this puts itself, as it always does, at the service of this noble humanitarian mission with all its material and human and moral potentials, urging all to commit to work as one team under the theme “One Humanity”, to serve all humanity.