GIHR Statement on the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, 21 August

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the world celebrates today 21 August with the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, to pay tribute and support the survivors of terrorist attacks and protect and promote the full enjoyment of their human rights and basic freedom. This Day has been approved by the UN General Assembly, by resolution 72/165, as an international day to be commemorated each year.

Terrorism represents a genuine threat to the international peace and security, and it is any coward and mean act that causes violence on individuals, deprive the blessing of security and safety of community life in the country that is plagued by it, creates an atmosphere of tension and panic, inflict damage on individuals’ life; by death and trauma on the survivors. Terrorism follows criminal policies, and tactics that damage security and stability, and impedes sustainable development.

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights, while celebrating this Day, is joining its voice to the UNGA voice, in commemorating the anniversary of those who fall, victims of terrorism are calling and working to pay tribute its victims and to support them to restore their balance and humanity that have been impacted by terrorism.

Terrorism does not distinguish between countries, peoples, and organizations, where the international humanitarian and relief organizations have been exposed to its brutal methods, as seen in the explosion that hit the UN headquarters on 19 August 2003, in Iraq, and claimed innocents lives and other acts of terrorism, that target human being and their dignity. The mater that prompted the UN and acknowledged its risk and called for uniting all efforts to combat it with decisiveness. The GIHR calls to face the hate speech and undertakes its moral and humanitarian responsibility, and to assume responsibility for protecting the humanity.

The GIHR sees that establishment of this international Day comes within the endeavor to promote human rights and the role of law and considers that as an appeal to protect these rights at the local and international levels, which are prerequisites to protect from terrorism and to combat it. GIHR acknowledges the need to fight terrorism that caused the death of thousands of innocents, causes psychological shocks among many others, and impedes development process at the countries that face sabotages of terrorism.

The GIHR would like to avail itself of this opportunity to reiterate its endeavor for all means that could restore the lost dignity to the innocent victims of terrorism, and to participate in all efforts to pay tribute to them and restore and protect their rights. The Institute sees the most viable and effective means to combat terrorism, is to undertake arrangements that respect human dignity, and promote the role of law. Within this context, and emerging from the Institute mission in promoting, supporting, and protecting human rights, GIHR mobilize all its human and material potentials in serving this noble cause, and will spare no efforts in collaborating with all actors who work to achieve this goal, till all victims or survivors of terrorism, restore their dignity and honor in the way they deserve.