Upcoming Projects

  • Promoting CEDAW and UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in MENA+ Countries – Regional Project Proposal: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon;
  • Strengthening the Role of Stakeholders in Protection of Human Rights in Lebanon;
  • Promoting Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania;
  • Strengthening the Role of Civil Society Organizations in Protection of Human Rights in Morocco;
  • The Nile River Basin: A Human Rights Approach: Cooperation and Development;
  • Civil society actor’s engagement with the follow-up and implementation with the UPR Mechanism;
  • Geneva, Study Tour for Researchers and Students from the MENA+ region.

Information about our annual programme “Study Tour for Students”

Throughout the year, the GIHR organises training programmes on the United Nations System for Protection of Human Rights and on International Organisations, which serve the purpose of creating a better understanding of the many activities of these Organisations based in Geneva.
The programmes are prepared for groups of at least ten people coming from all parts of the world and composed of university students, diplomats, public servants and representatives of non-governmental organizations or other associations. The duration of the programme is one week, with the possibility of extension.

From 2017 – 2018 the GIHR would like to open the participation of these programmes to delegation of students coming from Law, Political Science and International Relations faculties.

We believe that this new project “Geneva Study Tour” which consists of two-weeks in Geneva, the home of the United Nations, numerous international and non-governmental organisations will be a vital programme in educating the participants on the role of International Organisations and providing them with an advanced awareness of human rights. It will also open potential career opportunities for the graduates within international organisations and broaden their horizons.

About the Program:  


Geneva is a unique City; although situated in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, its population is one-third non-Swiss, making it one of Europe’s most international metropolitan centres. The presence of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and more than 250 other international and non-governmental organizations gives us the option to offer both coursework and the unique opportunity to meet with their staff members and with human rights defenders.

The program is designed for students specializing in international relations, political sciences, law, and other related fields and will provide a unique opportunity to connect with and play role in these global organizations through in-depth and carefully focused coursework.

The training course is designed to provide comprehensive and in-depth training on the mechanisms and procedures of the international human rights protection system, with practical and concrete advice that will empower participants to apply their new knowledge and skills directly in enforcing the mechanisms and procedures in their future career.

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